We introduce ourselves
It doesn’t matter what gender I am or where I come from – it should be possible for me to pursue my professional and private goals, even with a child.

Jacqueline Schwope, Mother of two children, founded MotherWorld with the aim of relieving the burden on working mothers and fathers, thereby enabling them to balance job & family life.

“I firmly believe that only with professional support a career can be pursued while leading a happy family life.”

After more than 15 years of experience as a nationwide specialised agency in the field of family assistance, Jacqueline Schwope knows exactly where the shoe pinches and, above all, how help can be provided quickly and sustainably in every individual cases.

Why „MotherWorld“?

Especially working mothers have multiple burdens, as they are the ones who mainly do the work of childcare and caring for family members. Due to this imbalance, mothers often reduce their gainful employment and put their career plans on hold.


The name “MotherWorld” stands for a wide range of services that reflect all the needs of modern working mothers – a world where they are given the support and personal assistance they need to achieve their goals in life.

Our values

A brand is a promise to its customers.
Culture is how it is kept.
• Together we are unbeatable
We believe that teamwork achieves the best results. Together with a strong network, we manage to find reliable solutions for compatibility and offer sustainable relief.
• A service with IQ
We are experts who have high standards for ourselves and remain innovative. We advise, we research, we learn and we grow every day. Online & offline.
• Appreciation & Empathy
We are working moms ourselves, love what we do and live compatibility. We take our customers, service providers and business partners seriously and listen to them.

Our Team

I am from Switzerland and grew up as the daughter of a working mom. My children are a gift and my job is my fulfilment. After exciting years as an executive in marketing, I am burning for the topic of balancing career and family.
Nature, mountains and culinary delights add the perfect touch to my day.
I am enthusiastic about finding solutions. For many years I have been working in the placement of caregivers and, if necessary, any other helpers. I do everything possible to find the “perfect match”! My three children are – you can barely believe it – already grown up. When I’m not working, I’m on the road with my bike or a vintage car.
I have always worked with my three children. Therefore, I know how important reliable structures are in daily routine. I enthusiastically support families in finding these structures and, as an educator, I always have parenting tips at hand.
I find a balance to my job in nature with my family or in creative sewing.
I am firmly anchored in care with passion and heart. As a nursing specialist, nursing service manager and procedural nurse, I not only bring light into the nursing jungle with my sound advice but also put a smile back on people’s faces.
I maintain my personal balance with wellness and beautiful excursions.
I approach every concern openly and with a lot of empathy, because for me as a psychologist, the focus is on the person with his or her individual issues. My consultations accompany in every phase of life such as parental leave or puberty, but also when the care of a relative becomes too much. Sports, art and literature are my sources of energy.
I love complex contexts and I am enthusiastic about solution-oriented coaching. Together we always find a solution to the problem. With many years of experience, also as a manager, I am able to successfully manage crisis situations.
For my own balance, I frequently go out into nature – mostly with my son.
I know how and where. That’s why the whole team can rely on me when it comes to finding a free childcare place, a school holiday offer or a spa facility. I also keep up to important changes and information for parents.
At home I like to do handicrafts. My creations have become legendary.
I am a German Hunting Terrier from Andalusia with little ambition to hunt but with even more to keep the team on their toes and in a good mood. Being an office dog is a fine thing! I am a specialist and should know.

Our partners